Fragrance Oil Burner Himalayan Salt



  • Prism Salt Lamps are Unique, Smart and Stylish. Its pleasing light & shade builds positive environment, improves mood & energy. Looks beautiful in day light, Elegant & lovely at night time.
  • This beautiful hand carved Himalayan Salt essential oil diffuser has multitudes of benefits. It diffuses the aroma of the essential oils and adorns the place with mystic brightness
  • The metal container inside the lamp is there to be filled with essential oils according to the taste and requirement of the individual using it. The aroma starts to spread when the bulb is lightened up in the lamp. (Essential Oils Not Included)
  • The advantages of this outstanding piece quadruple with its appealing hand carved appearance. The wooden base of this diffuser augments its beauty and durability. Ideal to be used in aroma therapy spas and salons or can be used in homes to have an authentic spa like experience at home.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps cleans air and brings vitality & beauty to your home.