Country Figurines

Our country figurines can be used in any area of your home.  Your preference as to animals or maybe just a collector of a certain figurine, we should have it at Unlimited Country.  We pride ourselves on the wide selection of figurines that we have on our website.

Our animal country figurines range from domestic animals such as dogs and cats.  We also have a collection of farm animals such as horses, cows, hens, chickens and pigs.  The wild animals that we have on our website are for the adventurous type of people.  The lions, tigers, bears, elephants, and zebra’s.

The country figurines that we offer can be distributed throughout your home in combination with each other or maybe you have specific rooms purposed for a particular décor.  Possible one room for your favorite pet and then of course if you are a hunter, the wild life country figurines for your hunting trophy room.

No matter what your décor for any room, Unlimited Country has the country figurine for you with our spectacular selection and wide variety of animals.

We also offer friendship figurines and angel figurines for those collectors whose collections don’t include animals.  We here at Unlimited Country cherish our customers and want them to find everything they are looking for in our country figurines for every purpose they can imagine.