Country Baskets

We have many different styles and colors of country baskets designed for home decor.  Each room in your home can be complemented by our home country baskets.

Our country baskets can be used in the kitchen to organize or offer fresh fruit.  You can organize by putting napkins or silverware in the baskets.  The fresh fruits can be apples, oranges, peaches or fresh pears.  Our baskets can be used to organize the dish cloths and dish soap in the kitchen in a decorative way.

You can organize with our country baskets in the bathroom with our toilet paper basket.  We offer a variety of sizes in our country baskets, from small to very large.  These can be used for organizing lotions, brushes, shampoos and conditioners or any kind of hair accessories.

In the bedroom we have baskets for laundry or blankets.  The country baskets can be a decorative place to put your books or magazines too.  We have baskets for storage or to organize closet space.

In the living room, one could use our country baskets to keep pillows, blankets or toys for the children to help with the organization of the home.

All of our country baskets can be used for decorations as well as for practical use.  We offer many colors and sizes in a variety of material from cloth to wicker.